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RE:LOCATIONS brings together a diverse group of artists from around the world, who explore different perspectives and experiences through their artwork. Delves into the theme of relocation and artistic inspiration, recognizing the significant role that migration plays in the creative journey of artists. Throughout history, artists have embarked on new journeys, moving to different places for various reasons: seeking inspiration, finding support, improving their living conditions, or responding to the political environment. This exhibition celebrates the power of art as a means for artists to find strength and express themselves amidst these relocations.


Curated by Agnieszka Mori and Zoe Chan, this exhibition aims to foster cultural exchange, broaden horizons, and deepen our understanding of a harmonious world. It is an opportunity for art enthusiasts and the public to connect with the artists, explore their creative processes, and gain a deeper appreciation for the powerful impact of art. We embark on a captivating journey through (RE)LOCATIONS. Immerse yourself in the thought-provoking artworks, interactive animations, kinetic sculptures, videos, and paintings that comprise this unique exhibition.

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