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IAE (International Art Exchange) Cultural organization was initiated by IAER (International Art Exchange And Residency) which are art organizations that share a common mission of promoting cultural exchange and understanding internationalization through the arts in Hong Kong, Beijing, Asia and across the Globe. IAE was established in 2023 in Hong Kong, while IAER was founded in Beijing (2016) and in New York (2018). Both organizations are led by co-founders who are actively involved in the arts, creative, and cultural sectors in Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, Boston and Beijing. The interdisciplinary group of specialists in both organizations strives to create interesting, forward-thinking, visionary exhibitions and experimental-artistic experiences through in-depth and collaborative exchange of talents. They are also committed to nurturing younger generations  and creative talents, contributing to the growth of the Hong Kong, Asian and the global Arts Scene.




Selected Projects

2016 SAYA Embrace Project Annual Exhibition

2017 SAYA Supporting Active Young Artist Exchange

2018 First ShenZhen Biennale@Luo Hu Art Museum, Shenzhen

2019 - 2022 New Horizon: Ways of Seeing Hong Kong Arts in the 80s and 90s@HKMoA, Hong Kong

2021  CITYA  - International Art exchange projects across Beijing, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Macao, Rome, Tallinn

2022 F.N.S.X History of the Future New Media Art Exhibition@Cloud Art Museum, ShenZhen

2023-2024 Art Futures Award and its initiative - First International Art award of its kind in Asia

Board of Directors


Janet Fong 


David Wong


Eric Fok


Raymond Fung


Zoe Chan


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